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RACVE: Call for the 2ond Edition Racve Awards and Tomás Pascual Sanz Institute

21/01/2011 Awards Genetics Collaboration Europe

RACVE: Call for the 2ond  Edition Racve Awards and Tomás Pascual Sanz Institute

II EDITION 2010 - 2011


1. Animal Pathology

2. Animal Genetics

3. Feed Hygiene and Safety


1. Amount of the prize: Four thousand euros for each category.

Directed to:

2. The aspirant, physical person of any nationality, as individual or in group, can only submit one work in the aspired category. The works aspiring to the prizes must in the Secretary of the Corporation (Real Academia de Ciencias Veterinarias, Maestro Ripolli, 8, 28006 Madrid, Spain), before the 24 hours of 30 May 2011. The aspirants can not be elder than 35 years in this date.

3. The works will be only of experimental content, unpublished and not necessarily finished in the date of submission and drafted exclusively for this prize. In all cases the work must be typed in Spanish and with a summary in English, in Arial 12 letter with one and a half spacing in format UNE A-4, presented in bound paper by duplicate forming one or more volume according to the needs, such as in informatics support (Word or PDF).

4. The experimental works are recommended to have the following presentation:

a. Concise title.

b. Summary in Spanish and English around 200 words.

c. Brief and documented introduction, with clear delimitation of the developed hypothesis, and the pursued objectives.

d. Exposition of used materials and methods.

e. Results, critical discussion and conclusions.

f. Bibliography.

In no case, implicitly or explicitly, the author or authors of the work will be identified. The auto- assignation will be avoided.

5. The submitted Works have to be submitted in the modality of closed envelope with sealed entry, it means a closed envelope identified with the category to compete for and the title, and containing two more closed enveloped. The first envelope will contain the typed work and the informatic supported just with the title. The second envelope will contain the title and the content will be a note with the names of the authors, complete address of the first author, in the case of a group, telephone number, fax and electronic address and a formal declaration of rights transfer for the image and publication to the Real Academia de Ciencias Veterinarias and the prize sponsors, the Instituto Tomás Pascual Sanz for Nutrition and Health.

6. Also, it will be specified that the work is an original one and non-published before. This second envelope will only be opened if the work is finally awarded.

7. Each convoqued prize will have its own jury, appointed by the Real Academia and chaired by an Academic of Number.

8. The concesión of a prize of the Real Academia de Ciencias Veterinarias - Instituto Tomás Pascual Sanz for Nutrition and Health, the author/s will not be able to submitt new works to this award until two years later.

9. Two awards could not be given to the same person or group in one call.

10. According to article 28 of the current statute, the Academics, can no contest in this call.

11. The awards will be failed no later than 30 September 2010.

12. In the case that a work is from a group, the nomination, prize and diploma will be delivered to the first signatory. The rest of the group will receive an accrediting certificate of the given award.

13. The award ceremony will be celebrated in a public session, in November, in a date that will be announced in the web page of Real Academia and the Instituto one, where all the awarded will be introduced by the President of the Jury. Following the awarded will have to summarise the work in a maximum time of 20 minutes. Once the prizes will be awarded the act will be closed down by an Academia by a magisterial lecture.

14. All the awarded will be accredited by a diploma issued together from Real Academia and Instituto Tomás Pascual Sanz for Nutrition and Health.

15. The non awarded works can be removed by the interested before 31 December 2011. If not the work will rest in the bibliographic founds of the Academy who will have the right to publish it.

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