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Pre Initiators in Broilers : Importance of Nutrition by Dr. Francisco A. Parker

24/05/2010 Broilers Central America

 Pre Initiators in Broilers : Importance of Nutrition by Dr. Francisco A. Parker

The start of broiler is the most important stage for the broilers destined to meat production.

During the initial stage of production, the first 10 days, is when the broiler convert better the feed into meat, so we must offer the best feed in order we get excellent results.

In order to get excellent results, the pre starter feed must be designed with additives, as well as the source of good quality Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals, that offer additional advantages so that we can get better results.

We know that broilers, at this age, are facing very big microbiological challenges, a part from the fragility of its organs at that early age. That is why we need a pre starter feed that enhances the intestinal integrity in order to absorb nutrients easily.

Actually, there is a worldwide tendency of using pre starters in feed for broilers. Many poultry companies already use them but there are still a few of them which not. A good pre starter must offer advantages that show better results than programs without them, such as the intestinal mucous optimization, in order to get a better absorption of nutrients.

The pre starters must be formulated with additives that offer advantages comparing to another kind of feed at this stage of life.
Among the advantages we can expect with the use of additives, are the following:

• Optimum fitting-out of the intestinal mucous to enhance the absorption of nutrients.
• Wide specter of action against different microorganisms that damage the welfare and health of broilers.
• Immune booster effect to develop necessary defenses at early age.
• Proper enzymatic action as it exists a good digestibility and consequently a better use of nutrients.
• Let liver works properly avoiding its overwork.
• Other elements that may offer positive actions for broilers, such as aminoacids, antioxidants or preservatives.

The use of pre initiators has improved considerably productive results. These results are conditioned to a good genetic, a good use and a good sanitary state.

Additives can vary in a pre starter, so depending on the results we must decide among them.
There is a trend to use natural additives that does not affect the immune system so broilers can develop its immune system and develop good defenses for the rest of their lives. In some countries the use of chemical products is not permitted.

The pre initiators results are much better than initiator aliments´.
Field trials have demonstrated that they produce considerable growths in different productive parameters.

In relation to the weight, they have obtained growths up to 11%. Also time to take broilers out to the market has been reduced.
The daily gain of weight has increased up to 15% as well as the alimentation conversion  has improved up to 6%, getting an efficiency rate up to 32 points better. The mortality rate has reduced in all trials.

The use of additives in pre initiators depends on their results as well as their costs. We can see that its use has increased lately as the economic results are better.

To exploit the good results that pre initiators offer, we must continue with good quality feed programs during the following stages that offer proper conditions subject to nutritional demands.

We also must use prophylactic programs that guarantee healthy birds during all their lives.

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