Peruvian Academy of Veterinary Sciences: Session of pronutrients in veterinary

09/12/2013 Intestine Veterinary pronutrients Immunostimulatory

The Peruvian Academy of Veterinary Sciences (APCV) held in November a scientific session on the use of pronutrients in veterinary. 

At that meeting, chaired by Dr. Carlos De Salas, Dr. Jaime Borrell of RACVE interved with a lecture on pronutrients. Starting from the definition developed by Dr Gordon Rossen, were presented the methagenetics mechanisms,  and the results obtained with the implementation of pronutrients,  in animal husbandry, with functions of intestinal conditioners, intestinal optimizers, hepatoregenerators and immunoboosters. The meeting, sponsored by ADIVET, ended with a conversation in which they intervened several academics and professionals.


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