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Mycotoxin : Forum in Beijing

23/07/2012 Biovet Bacteria Nutrition Asia

Mycotoxin : Forum in Beijing

Organized by the Central Veterinary Station of Beijing has developed the July 17 forum on mycotoxins in food animals and humans.

In the same inaugurated by Dr. Liu Jun, Division of quality and safety of agricultural products, featured lectures, among others, Dr. Quigang Ma, Department of Animal Nutrition, Faculty of Animal Science and Technology Dr . Zhaofei Xia Department of University Animal Clinic at the Chinese University of Agricultural Sciences and Dr. Jaime Borrell Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences, who presented the current knowledge on the detection of mycotoxins, the results of the analyzes, veterinary pathology and derived human and mechanisms of prevention of mycotoxicosis.


The initiative of Dr. Yu Chen has had the support of associations of poultry producers, swine and animal feed and Biovet, SA laboratories


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