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Glycerol in Poultry Feed? by: Dra. Liliana Revolledo

13/12/2010 Ruminants Poultry Nutrition South America

Glycerol in Poultry Feed?  by: Dra. Liliana Revolledo

The recent push of the bio diesel industry in Brazil and the large offer of brute glycerine, have arouse interest in the use of glycerol in poultry feed. In fact, this will be one of the treated subjects in the next Latin American Congress of Animal Nutritition, celebrated in Estancia de San Pedro in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from November 23th to 26th. The first dissertation about the use of glycerol was made in Europe for its use in dairy cows as well as beef. In Brazil, several Universities are involved in the research for the use of this substance in poultry and pig nutrition.

Moreover than being  a rich energy product, the trial have demonstrated that 95 % of the  of the brute energy is converted in metabolizable energy in poultry. For its used to be started, the companies will need to guarantee more than 80 % of glycerol, a maximum of 12 % of moisture and maximum level of methanol  of 150 ppm, apart from guarantee correct levels of sodium and chlorine.

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