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Fami-QS: Biovet, S.A. has achieved this certification of quality

14/08/2013 Nutrition

Fami-QS: Biovet, S.A. has achieved this certification of quality

In BIOVET, S.A. we consider food safety a priority target in our strategy and one of the core values ​​of our corporate idea.

Collaboration, dynamism and commitment of the entire Biovet team are essential in order to provide safe and high quality products.

Our policy is the framework for the establishment and review of the feed safety objectives and promote in all levels of the organization the following commitments:

• Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements in food safety

• Ensure that our infrastructure and machinery are always in optimal conditions

• Encourage the involvement and participation of our employees through training to ensure food security

• Ensure that hazards and critical points in our HACCP system are identified, assessed and controlled in such a way that they can not compromise the processed product security

 • Ensure traceability of the final product

• Ensure the maintenance of an effective communication system, both internally and externally, on issues related to quality and food safety

• Establish annual objectives for quality and food safety and periodic reviews with consequent improvement of the system

It is for our desire to mantain these commitments in our policy that we have recently certified as meeting the requirements of Fami-QS, under the Code of Practice for Feed Additive and Premixture Operators.

FAMI-QS is a pioneer in its field as it is the only certifiable code specifically aimed at specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. It was also the first Community Guide to Good Practice to obtain official recognition from the European Commission as foreseen in the Feed Hygiene Regulation. The FAMI-QS code is designed for international validity.

In the attachment you will find our Fami-QS Certificate, which corresponds to BE13/223575194.

Anna Tesouro, Production and R+D Department Responsible


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