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Dr. Jaime Borrell in RACVE : binders and inactivators of mycotoxins

19/05/2014 Veterinary

On May 12th, at the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences in Madrid, in a session chaired by Drs. Salvio Amalio De Juana Jimenez and was presented by Academician Dr. Jaime Borrell, the conference entitled "Evaluation of sensors and inactivating mycotoxins".

During the conference, five biochemical groups of mycotoxins and their impact on food were defined according to geographical areas and climatic seasons . After that, groups of sensors and inactivators of mycotoxins were defined, based on their chemical and crystallographic structure. Later the speaker reviewed the evolution of assessment techniques used since 1997 and finally proposed an evaluation procedure based on tests in vivo, studying the effect in target organs, study of the effect on hematological parameters and in vitro tests using an artificial gut, able  to collect on the 2nd fraction of the colon, the quantity of free and detached mycotoxins. .

The scientific session was followed by a discussion among the participants, taking into account the importance of using scientific criteria in the evaluation of these food additives and nowadays  the control of aflatoxin M1 in milk for human consumption was noted.



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