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Dr. Borrell admitted as academic in APCV

14/07/2014 Biovet pronutrients South America

Dr. Borrell admitted as academic in APCV

With the inaugural speech titled “From proplasts to pronutrients”, 

 Dr Jaume Borrell has been accepted in Academia Peruana de Ciencias Veterinarias as correspondent academic. In the speech, chemical fossil  evidences about  the origin of  biological activity on the planet and biological evidences about evolution of  life , in the sea and further colonization are introduced like  premises to demonstrate the dependency of metabolism in animal cells versus vegetal pronutrient cells.

This intervention finishes with the presentation of biological essay which demonstrates that the currently  animal organs maintain with currently vegetal cells a relation inherited from primitive connection during the evolution of their marine ancestors.

It’s  a remarkable hypothesis about the origin of mitochondria and posterior self- endosymbiosis of protoplasts and mitochondria like origin of vegetal eukaryotic cells and currently animals. The speech was followed by the welcome to Academia Peruana de Ciencias Veterinarias from its President. Dr Carlos de Salas Salazar”.


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