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Conferences in Biovet Symposium Asia 2010

27/09/2010 Biovet Bacteria Intestine Collaboration Nutrition Symposia Asia

Conferences in Biovet Symposium Asia 2010

Dr. Duong Thanh Liem and Dr. Duong Duy Dong from Faculty of Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine of Vietnam University of Agriculture and Forestry of Ho Chi Minh inaugurated the first session of the Biovet International Symposium Asia 2010 with a conference about antibiotic use in feed - Influence on gut microflora and food safety.

Their intervention showed several aspects related to the appearance of bacterial resistance, with the beneficial effect of gut microflora affected by the antibiotic use, with the generation of wastes in feed and the appearance of reactions to the consume of feed with antibiotic wastes.

At the end of the presentation, they presented the following conclusions:

1. Antibiotics cannot be used in feed permanently.
2. This use limits the availability of antibiotics for therapeutical purpose.
3. There exist some investigations to find better alternatives.
4. The alternatives to use antibiotics in feed is the use of acidifiers, probiotics, prebiotics, symbiotics or extracts from plants which can protect the intestinal health of animals.

In Veterinaria digital, we will publish the full presentation very soon.

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