Brazil, authorized to export fresh chicken meat to Uruguay by: Dra. Liliana Revolledo | Veterinaria Digital

Brazil, authorized to export fresh chicken meat to Uruguay by: Dra. Liliana Revolledo

24/05/2010 Birds

At the end of last month, after many discussions, the Uruguayan government authorized importation of fresh chicken meat from Brazil. In several sectors, it is being commented that they did it in order to get import licenses for Uruguayan products in Brazil easier. This agreement is supposed to be signed next May when Brazilian president visits Uruguay.

This decision by the Uruguayan government has caused many discussions and discomfort in Uruguayan poultry sector, as that restriction was held during a long time due the presence of Newcastle disease in Brazil.

The Uruguayan sanitary authorities had already mentioned that this prohibition was unsustainable based on risk analysis studies done, and the absence of technical arguments was showing that Uruguay was imposing custom barriers for commerce.

However, the poultry sector authorities have mentioned that the decision taken was political and the involved sectors were not consulted before the governmental decision.

A the beginning, 1440 tons of bird meat will be permitted to import, which represents between 4-5% of local market. According to the Government, this quantity has been established in order not to affect local producers, and to permit Brazilian Government to show outdoors, that it is not discriminated by sanitary reasons by the neighbor countries (In the EEUU, Brazilian fresh chicken meat is not authorized). For the Uruguayan poultry farming president, Mr. Ezquerra, this news has been terrible for the poultry sector. They are afraid of this matter, as they think Brazilian fresh chicken meat market will increase its market quota in Uruguay in the following years due to its low costs.


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