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Biovet Symposium 2016: Session of poultry pathology

25/04/2016 Biovet Birds Layers Broilers Collaboration Symposia

During the Biovet International Symposium 2016 has been held the traditional meeting of Avian Pathology presented by Drs. Heras and Borrell of Biovet, S.A.

At the same time they exposed 10 most common diseases identified by the Biovet technical groups in farms of the countries visited. This session began with some considerations that forensic veterinarians must take into account establishing the clinical diagnosis in the field. Afterwards were presented the images in cases of mycosis, mycotoxicosis, and toxic hepatic enteritis infectious avian, infectious bronchitis, digestive burns by formaldehyde, coccidiosis, septicemia and poor quality of fats. The session ended with reflections related to the importance of managing and nutrition to prevent these diseases.

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