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Biovet Seminars in China

31/08/2010 Biovet Collaboration Ruminants Nutrition Symposia Asia

Biovet Seminars in China

Recently, some Biovet’s seminars have been carried out in Nanchang and Guangzhou about the use of mycotoxin binders, preservatives and other additives for animal nutrition.
These conferences and meetings have been given by technical staff of Biovet and they have been attended by personnel from Biovet’s distributor in China as well as other managers and nutritionists from feed manufacturers.

It is especially interesting to mention that some joint studies are being carried out. The aim of these studies is knowing the incidence on injuries by Fusarium, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Mucor and Candida in the digestive tract of birds.
These studies will be exhibited by the Chinese delegation at the Asian Biovet Symposium which will be held in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) during the first week of September.

For your information we have attached to the email three pictures that have been taken during these seminars.

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