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Biovet convened Awards 2017

The works can be submitted until 29 November 2017

05/01/2017 Awards pronutrients mycotoxin binder Nutrition Aвditives Preservatives Research

Biovet convened Awards 2017

Following the same objective of promoting research and commercial support, Biovet S.A. Laboratories has already announced open the awards 2017 to researchers, commercials and distributors.
The categories of product development, research or commercial can be submitted until 29 November 2017. The winning studies will be presented at the International Symposium to be held in Tarragona during 2018. In addition, selected projects will be published in the popular science blog - Veterinaria Digital.

“Technological additives: mycotoxins binders, pronutrients, enzymes, probiotics, acidifiers and preservatives"

1. The aspirants only will be able to present a single work, which has to be in power of the Secretary of Biovet on November 29th 2017, except in case of sending by ordinary post. In this case, the postmark date must be November 29th or before.
2. Works will have to be original, typed in Spanish or English and presented bound to form a volume or more, if necessary, and in computer support.
3. Presentation format is as follows: in a sealed envelope, work and computer support, specifying the slogan on the outside of the envelope. And another sealed envelope with the name of the authors inside of the envelope and specifying the slogan on the outside of the envelope. This sealed envelope shall also state, on the outside, just the theme or title of work. This envelope will be opened only in case of winning the award. The two envelopes shown, introduced into another, form a single shipment to the offices of Biovet, Luxemburg, 25 Pol Ind. 43120 Constantí, Spain.
4. Being granted an award will suppose that author or authors will not be able to present a new candidacy until two years passed of the mentioned award. One person shall not be granted two awards in the same year.
5. In the event that the authors of the award are several, such nomination, amount in cash and diploma will be delivered to the first signatory.
6. All prizes will be accredited by the diploma.
7. Winning works shall become property of Biovet, S.A. However, the author will be able to publish them with the permission of Biovet.
8. Not awarded works may be withdrawn by the applicant before May 31st 2017. After that date, right of recovery shall be lost and will become property of Veterinaria Digital.
9. The winner will have the opportunity to present the winning work in the Biovet symposium will be held in 2018. It will also be published on the website of scientific spreading, Veterinary Digital.
10. The tribunal is composed of three consultants appointed by Biovet S.A

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