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American International Symposium Biovet 2014

29/09/2014 Biovet Collaboration Exposition Symposia South America

American International Symposium Biovet 2014


We invite you to BIOVET Symposium, S.A. 2014 for the Development.

Biovet’s Research and Development Team works every day to provide an improvement in Productive parameters such combining laboratory tasks with those made by clinicians.


This collaborative work ensures that the final product will be the best to satisfy our customers' requirements and distributors.

This Symposium 2014 will be distributed in two days.

The first day consists of three conference sessions. The first session will be a scientific conference about the pronutrients to proplastids, and its link to the commercial line pronutrients Alquernat from Biovet, S.A.

During the second session the most important aspects of veterinary immunology  will review, and presentation of the line Alquervac EJF Laboratories. We will finish the day with a presentation of the work done by the R & D department with a new line of products Pronuzim through the presentation of field trials in pigs developed at the University of Lleida, Spain and flavorings.


In addition we will have a second day which is organized a roundtable wherein participants will review the most significant international and Peruvian poultry diseases and a presentation of different field trials in Peru in poultry, dairy cattle and swine.


To manage the different sessions of the Symposium, we have the collaboration of prestigious consultants who contribute their scientific expertise. We are grateful for their presence and participation in this international forum to discuss the optimization of the quality of animal food for human consumption.


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