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2nd session Biovet International Symposium

12/05/2014 Biovet Symposia Europe

2nd session Biovet International Symposium

The second session of the 2014 International Symposium for Development devoted to the study of epigenetic mechanisms of action of pronutrients

 , was moderated by Dr. Rosa Solà dean of research at the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona . At that meeting, Drs . Josep Sendra and Anna Tesouro Biovet , Inc. Laboratories exposed geological and genetic testing dependency of the metabolism of animal cells towards organic compounds produced by the plant cells. The epigenetic mechanism derives from there, consisting in theimplementation of physiological processes in animal cells from the stimulus that regulatory genes  receive by the existence of organic substances of plant origin. The same way, Drs. Tesouro and Sendra exposed the tests about the results in the application of several pronutrients in animal nutrition focussing  in  the importance of the maturation of the intestinal epithelium and hepatocyte regeneration, both to improve productive parameters.

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