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1st Annual Meeting 2013 of Biovet's distributors in China

08/04/2013 Biovet Birds Swine poultry mycotoxin binder Nutrition Immunostimulatory

On 17 and 18 March in Qingdao has developed the 1st Annual Meeting 2013 Biovet distributors in China where there have been developments in the areas of mycotoxin binders, intestinal conditioners, enhancing the quality of the laying and immunostimulants. This meeting has been supplemented with two specialized forums on poultry farming, pig farming and food factories.

The Specialized Forum on Poultry consisted of a program of talks on: "Major poultry diseases and their prevention through nutrition" and "Reduction of chemical residues in poultry nutrition"

The Specialized Forum on the future of the animal feed industry and swine were presented the following lectures: "The future of animal nutrition", "Using natural products in the production of feed" and "Major anomalies pig and its prevention through nutrition ".

 The meetings were followed by a large representation of poultry, pig farmers and feed manufacturers throughout China.


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