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Absence of lysine absorption on Alquerfeed Antitox

Nuria Martin

Technonews VD | 15 SEP 2016 - 00:00

The use of mycotoxin binders always raises questions regarding the absorption of other nutrients at the same time that they capture mycotoxins in food.

To demonstrate the absence of absorption of nutrient by Alquerfeed Antitox, based on silicoglicidol molecule, it has been evaluated the concentration of lysine in an aqueous medium after adding the mycotoxin binder to a concentration of 500 ppm.

  • Process:

It has been analyzed three samples with distilled water and 750 ppm of lysine HCI 99,2% (equivalent to 595.48 ppm of pure lysine) with a pH simulating the stomach environment and mixed for 3 hours. Then an aliquot of 15 ml with HPLC has been analyzed to determine the amount of free lysine after centrifugation. One of the three samples corresponded to the control without mycotoxin binder. In the other two samples they were added the binder at a concentration of 500 ppm.

To determine the absorption of lysine in other pH simulating the digestive tract, the above samples were basified with NaOH to pH = 6. They also remained 3 hours and subsequently analyzed again an aliquot of 15 ml with HPLC.

Then it was repeated the same process at pH= 9.

  • Results:

Calculating the concentration of pure lysine and a loss on drying of 0.21% corresponds to 594.23 ppm. However, in all samples it was detected a value of free lysine of 0.0536% (536 ppm), including the control group and all samples with mycotoxin binder at different pH. This result means that about 10% pure dried lysine was not detected by the test in all samples.

There is no difference between the control sample and the samples with mycotoxin binder with different pH. Therefore, it is assumed that there is no absorption of lysine by adding the mycotoxins binders.

  • Conclusions:

The result of the analysis indicates that the use of Alquerfeed Antitox as mycotoxin binder does not mean a decrease in the percentage of lysine in the feed.

Also, they have also been evaluated in vivo effects of the binder against the absorption of vitamins, also obtaining satisfactory results.

Therefore, it is not observed any nutrient limitation sensor after use mycotoxin binder.

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