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The chicken from fast food brands

Natia Cheminava | 23 JAN 2017 - 00:00

The fast food restaurant chains became very popular for the last decades, 80 years ago we did not know about hamburgers existence, but today we only chase them to eat faster and cheaper. The cheap almost never means a good quality, all the fast food restaurant chains use mostly chicken which might be treated by the antibiotics also used in the human medicine.

Recently the news regarding the antibiotics elimination in the chickens became very active issue, some of the fast food chains already announced that they are ready to adopt a policy limiting the antibiotics use in chicken, the rules should be accomplished by the end of 2017.

It's no secret that the poultry often contains antibiotics. It scares.

In reality what is a risk and how it is possible to reduce?

This issue is widely discussed in the United States; this is where most data comes from. Recently, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is taking some actions against the unrestricted use on poultry medicines. The main concern is that the antibiotics not only used to treat sick animals, but sometimes used to feed even completely healthy turkeys and chickens, so that they gain weight faster.

The use of antibiotics is beneficial to producers and buyers, because it reduces the cost of products. It is much easier to treat chickens with drugs than to spend money on heating and high-quality food. Before the chicken is ready enough to be slaughtered it lives 45 days; thanks to antibacterial injections it is able to live this period, even in poor conditions, growing and gaining more kilograms. But how nutritionally good is the meat? The question remains open.

We have to admit that without antibiotics in the food industry almost does not exist. They are added to the meat, so it lasts longer, smells good and has a nice color. 

Microbes in our organism

We know that when we are treated with antibiotics, we need to take a full course; otherwise microbes not only die, but also acquire resistance to the drug.  Same happens when antibiotics enter the body with food - continuously and even in small doses. A new generation of microbes can be formed in the body of the chicken, which is constantly fed with antibiotics, after its meat gets to our table we get sick one day and the usual drugs will not work.

How to protect yourself?

- First of all, if possible, to buy farm products from trusted manufacturers.

- Boil the meat and pour the first broth. To thus get rid of antibiotics, you need to cook chicken, pork and beef even longer.

-  Contribute to the elimination of toxins antioxidants.

According to the civilization history, humans have been living in times where there was no medicine, any pain killer pills or strong antibiotics to prevent the diseases, but humans survived.

It can be concluded that there is a way to avoid antibiotics. All natural and healthy products can be used for any concern and substitute the drugs with the pronutrients obtained from plants using nature with its advantages, get benefits, consume natural product and stay healthy.

We support the healthy nutritional ideas of the world food business and their desire to keep the population safe.

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