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Swim against the flow

Natia Cheminava | 08 MAR 2016 - 00:00


A food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body and a daily routine life. So we are getting it as provided...

We know that a coin has two sides, in our case- quality or price? - The balance is in between.

This is a business, a game in the food industry. Various "organizations" play in this game called - "Regulation of price and import / export standards".


Autarchy against globalization: reform of the world economy

It is better to produce your own healthy product without chemicals with reasonable prices. Imported products from outside the EU are the same or worse. Humans need a healthy food at a reasonable price, no matter which country is importing.

The domestic market is influenced by the external market. World production is ahead of local production.

The idea of this approach is to use the "invisible" tools, as protectionism and autarchy. Close the doors and not depend on anyone, in other words prioritize domestic producers.

These arguments have a sense, but...

Close the doors to the world will succeed? Advanced countries produce part of their food on the basis of maximum openness and globalization. It seems that the method of open doors is more effective than autarchy.

The solution seems to be: regulation of import / export of food sector to balance the policy of price and quality.

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