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Russia veto consequences, the risk of dependence

01/09/2015 Veterinary Poultry Swine Europe

The Russian ban on imports from the EU has become a nightmare for thousands of producers. But this impact can go beyond shopping to Russia, given the implications with third countries and the collapse in prices that producers fear.

Statistics show a low percentage of exports of the products are destined for Russia, but the data is "misleading" because many other sales are closed by European operators based in France, the Netherlands and Poland, terminating in the Russian market.

Producers should look to other markets to overcoming this difficulty. The risk of relying too heavily on a market causes problems like this.

Not only meat producers have been injured, the first to suffer the 'no' of Vladimir Putin have been sellers of stone fruit, such as peaches and nectarines which have already distributed many thousands of tones north of the Pyrenees and for whom the European Commission announced a few days ago compensatory aid.

If the veto persists, as it is being entered in the field of different products, there will be more good to place in other EU markets, which can lead to oversupply with its consequences. Therefore we must be vigilant and regulate withdrawals volumes using that address the crisis management measures within the World Trade Organization.

One effect of this uncertainty is palpable among the first links in the production chain. Some use these crises to scare and panic and sell many inexpensive, many producers are rushing to sell early, even selling off, or risk not find a buyer because of the Russian veto.

As every lesson you learn, diversification is increasingly necessary in markets today.



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