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Pronutrients: News in immunostimulants in the market

21/06/2016 pronutrients Immunoboosters Aвditives

 Pronutrients: News in immunostimulants in the market

Immunostimulants enhance disease resistance by increasing in both specific and non-specific defense mechanisms. Many immunostimulants are common dietary nutrients as polysaccharides, lipids or proteins supplied in concentrations higher than normal produce stimulating effect.

Among the types of additives supplied in animal feed with immunostimulatory capacity in the market include:

• Passive immunity generators (immunoglobulins [Ig], plasma proteins)

Immunostimulants: (structural elements of the bacterial cell wall-LPS, lipopeptides, capsular glycoproteins, peptidoglycans and muramyl - fungi, yeasts and synthetic).

• ß-1,3-glucans bacteria (curdlan) micellar and fungi (Krestin, Lentinan, Schizophyllan, Scleoglucan, SSG, Vitastim)

• ß-1,3 / 1,6-glucans of the cell wall of yeast (Macrogard, Betafectina)

• stimulators of the immune response (fatty acids, vitamins, carotenoids, fractions of milk protein and some microelements) stimulators of positive growth of intestinal microflora: prebiotics (oligosaccharides) Blockers adhesion of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal wall (derived from mannose and some silicates). Probiotics

• Metabolic regulators (antisecretory protein) Peptides present in extracts of certain animals or made by enzymatic hydrolysis of fish protein Nucleotides (bacterial DNA - CpG).

• Promoters suitable intestinal environment (acidifying extract some plants, antioxidants, fungistatic, enzymes and some clays).

• Some synthetic products (Bestatin, muramyl peptides, FK-156, FK-565, Levamisole).

• pronutrients (complex organic molecules from plant extracts capable of regulating or stimulating the physiology of the animal without causing pharmacological effect)

Pronutrients line by Biovet based on a technology to provide the products with the micro-ingredients from plant extracts that animals do not have access to them naturally by the simple fact of not being released.

These micro-ingredients in small amounts are able to regulate or stimulate animal physiology by modulating gene expression, and "awakening" unexpressed genes, providing the necessary to start work again without causing pharmacological effect biomolecules.

Pronutrients are natural substances with a defined botanical origin that allow us to eliminate the chemical components of the diet while increasing productivity and efficiency. As components of vegetable origin they do not require withdrowal period, reducing bacterial and parasitic resistances and leave no residue in the animal organism.

From the wide range of Biovet’s product line we focus on pronutrients line for immunity:

Alquernat Inmuplus: specific and non-specific enhancer  of animal's immune system naturally. Strengthens immunity in young animals (by the immaturity of their immune system), and adult animals of rapid growth or high prolificacy. Enhance the effectiveness of vaccines. Supplementing drug therapy in infections, avoiding superinfections, or in cases where drug therapy is not possible due to withdrawal period.

Alquernat Zycox: Natural Optimizer of intestinal mucosa. It has direct effect on the intestinal mucosa optimizing its performance and preventing intracellular invasion of coccidia during the first phase of the reproductive cycle of the parasite. It also has an indirect effect on the immune system, such as immuno-activating the intestinal immune response.

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