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Preservatives, recovering the essence of the past

12/07/2016 Preservatives Nutrition

Preservatives, recovering the essence of the past

A few decades ago our food was preserved by natural methods, almost natural foods were preserved by smoking techniques or adding salt or vinegar, as yet there were no additives. Because a logical evolution have been added certain substances, natural or artificial, food whose aim has been to preserve food longer, coloring them in an artificial way, give a different flavor or replace other natural ingredients such as sugar.

The main purpose of the use of these additives is basically economic, because with the addition of these additives intend for example not lose nutrients and energy value in commodities.

This essence of returning to the past as far as conservation of raw materials referred has based Biovet S.A. its research for preservatives. Highlighting Alquermold Natural as an natural antimicrobial with bactericidal and fungicidal activity. Its active ingredients based on the synergy between the cimenol ring and citric acid controls the pathogenic intestinal flora and serve as a preservative of raw materials and compound feed. Being an excellent alternative to organic acids.

The main active ingredient from Alquermold Natural is cimenol ring, active against bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

In bacteria cimenol ring causes immediate expulsion of the cellular contents into the medium, due to perforation of the bacterial membrane. As for fungi and yeasts addition to perforate the cell wall, the ring cimenol inhibits ergosterol biosynthesis, which is the most important in the fungal cell membrane sterol.

Thanks to their bactericidal and fungicidal activity, cimenol ring is used to control the pathogenic flora of the gut, such as Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium spp. or Staphylococcus sp.

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