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Polyphenols hepatoprotector efficiency

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Polyphenols hepatoprotector efficiency

Acetaminophen is a molecule used to study experimental hepatic damage. This molecule is conjugated with glucuronic acid, sulphuric acid, cistein and approximately 5% is N-hydroxiled in P450 cytochrome and finally detoxified by the glutation.

Toxicity induction is produced by an overdose that depletes hepatic stores of glutation giving place to free radicals and, in consequence, liver increases LPOL enzyme production (lipic peroxidation liver). LPOL levels are indicative for hepatic damage, where higher levels mean higher toxicity degree.

The present study is intended to analyze the efficiency in the preparation of hepatocytes to confront an overdose of acetaminophen through LPOL blood levels measurement.

A total of 40 broilers were distributed in 2 batches of 20 birds, and given the following diet between ages 30 and 42 days.

Batch 1: normal feed
Batch 2: feed with 250 µg of polyphenols per kg of feed

At day 30 LPOL levels were analyzed obtaining the following results:

(Batch 1): 10956 and (Batch 2): 10898

At day 42 LPOL levels were analyzed obtaining the following results:

(Batch 1): 11152 (+1.78%) and (Batch 2): 7901 (-27.5%).

LPOL levels increase in batch 1 is attributable to age, while the 27.5% decrease in batch 2 is attributable to the hepatoprotector effect of polyphenols.

At day 43, 250 mg/kpv were administered through intraperitoneal via to all broilers and both batches were sacrified at day 45. 

The analysis of LPOL levels obtained at day 45 are the following:

(Batch 1): 16457 (+32.23%) and (Batch 2): 7926 (+0.31%).

Consequently, it is demonstrated that polyphenols addition in broilers feed during 12 days avoids hepatic damage caused by chemical toxics if we take into account the biological parameters as LPOL levels in blood.

             "Polyphenols are commercially available under the name Alquernat Livol"

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