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Poland: Searching news markets against the Russian veto.

05/04/2015 Collaboration Europe

The entry of Poland into the EU in 2004 has been a great economic boost for the country. In just over 10 years has grown by 48.7% while the average for other nations that joined the EU in that year was 27%. Indeed, it was the only one that has not experienced any period of recession during the crisis that began in 2007-2008.

The allocation of European funds to Poland is one of the most significant factors in their economic future. For the second time, this country leads obtaining EU structural funds and more than 106,000 mill. € have been granted for 2014-2020, something that makes you have great potential as a country in the next decade.

Before the veto caused by the swine fever during the lasts years Russia has been one of the main partners of Poland, but with this situation Poland has been forced to redirect their sales to other countries. Currently the main exporting country is France with 26.5% of total shipments, followed by the Netherlands (21.4%) and Germany (10.2%). And for the third countries to be featured in the first place to Saudi Arabia with 11.1% of purchases, followed by Benin (10.2%), South Africa (9.7%) and Hong Kong (9.3 %).

Hog Kong as a gateway to Asia Polish meat. In late August 2014, more than 30 Polish companies in the agricultural industry and food promoted their products in the Food Expo fair in Hong Kong with hopes to initiate or increase exports to this special administrative region, considered as a gateway China and the rest of Asia.

Hong Kong is different from China. Hong Kong is the old British order. The region is characterized by ease of creating and managing businesses. These companies can also enjoy better opportunities to act in the territory of China and other Asian countries. Polish meat producers have faced a very difficult situation after Russia and Belarus closed their markets to them. The industry losses related to these closures have been enormous.

The establishment of a good brand to Polish meat in Hong Kong can accelerate the momentum of exports to Asia. To build this brand, the Polish consulate held a press conference and a banquet in Hong Kong: "European meat, tradition, quality, taste". The event enjoyed great interest from local media and journalists attended Canton (China).

China could become an important market for Polish organic products, an association of organic food producers. Talks are underway to launch organic products. The Polish meat industry is hopeful with interest in buying pork and beef cow from Poland by Vietnam and South Korea.

In conclusion we must seek solutions to problems and that is the step taken by Poland, is adapting and redirecting to other markets, because where one door closes, others open.

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