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Mycotoxins in Latin America

16/08/2016 Bacteria Mycotoxin binder

Some surveys published in the first half of 2015 show that in Latin America between 90 and 99% of balanced foods are contaminated by mycotoxins. There is an average of 75% that contains between two and seven mycotoxins.

Besides the constant consumption of mycotoxins birds are exposed to constant changes in the quality of their raw materials. All these factors cause that the intestinal epithelium is in direct contact with mycotoxins and pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and other foreign elements that come through food. And as you know have an impact on the animal and in their production parameters.

One of the consequences is the affectation of the immune system, the invasion of pathogens in the body weakens the immune response of any animal and may even result in higher concentrations of mycotoxins, bacteria and viruses in the blood.

Many mycotoxins are immunosuppressive, which makes the animal more susceptible to disease.

How can we prevent?

To control this wide range of different mycotoxins that can contaminate balanced food and their compositions do not be an easy task.

There are several ways to try to minimize this problem, it can be controlled through special programs like trying to store at low humidity levels or prevent grain damage in processing.

We know that we can not entirely eliminate these practices and for that reason Biovet SA Laboratories based on many years of research developed a mycotoxn binder called Alquerfeed Antitox, which was the first mycotoxins molecule in the world patented in 1988. Alquerfeed Antitox is capable of adsorbing high levels of several mycotoxins. All enhancing body weight and production parameter. Is important to mention the effectiveness with a dose of 0.5kg / T, where lower application doses of the market.

We can conclude that birds are sensitive to mycotoxins in food so it is necessary to minimize and prevent contaminated materials by simultaneous administration of a good mycotoxin binder.

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