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Mycotoxicosis and mycotoxin binders in broilers

25/08/2016 Broilers Mycotoxin binder

Mycotoxicosis and mycotoxin binders in broilers

One of the major problems in farms around the world are mycotoxicoses; diseases caused by mycotoxins (toxic substances produced by different types of fungi, including Fusarium, Aspergillus and Penicillium that grow on plants, hay, silos, grain and other stored food products).

Mycotoxicoses cause acute and chronic adverse effects on various organs and / or systems of animals affected, even to kill them. They possess high resistance to decay and destruction during digestion, even resist cooking and freezing which remain in the food chain. They are responsible for heavy losses in terms of production and in consequence economically.

To prevent mycotoxicosis, exist mycotoxin binders in the market, charge to prevent mycotoxins from being absorbed by the digestive tract of the animal and thus excreted from the body.

Biovet, SA makes available to the consumer a mycotoxin binder named ALQUERFEED ANTITOX and to test its effectiveness in feeding broilers, a field trial was conducted in a place with weather conditions that facilitate the contamination of feed by moulds and, therefore mycotoxin contaminated.

The test was carried out with the usual supply used for commercial exploitation without altering the quality of the raw material to obtain real data on how ALQUERFEED ANTITOX helps the performance in real cases.

The trial will be conducted with the usual feed used by the commercial farm without altering quality of raw material to obtain real data about how ALQUERFEED ANTITOX helps the performance in real cases.

Composition of diets: the usual commercial diet used in this farm

Design of trial:

Type of test: randomized, parallel, own farms.

Animals: broilers, slaughter at 36 days.

Batch 1: ALQUERFEED ANTITOX at 0.5 kg/Tm

Batch 2: Other mycotoxin binder at 3 kg/Tm

Number of animals:

                Batch 1: 10027

                Batch 2: 9887

 WEIGHT GAIN (g) 36 DAYS                                          DAILY WEIGHT GAIN (g)


Birds treated with ALQUERFEED ANTITOX have lower mortality, higher average weight with better feed conversion.

The Efficiency index is similar.  

The dose of ALQUERFEED ANTITOX is six times smaller, saves storage and transportation costs, and allows to have “more space” in formulation of diets.

Using ALQUERFEED ANTITOX from birth until slaughter at 0.5 kg/Tm has the following advantages:

1. For every 10000 birds, 180 kg more of meat are produced.

2. For every 10000 birds, 1.409 tones less of feed are consumed (3.8 % savings).

3. Mortality is reduced by 21.46 %

4. % seized is reduced by 6 8%.



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