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27/08/2015 Veterinary Poultry Swine Europe

One of the most important actors in the sale: are buyers. So we stop at this factor to analyze more deeply.

Kinds of professional buyers:

1. Initiators: people in the company that detect a necessity and know the suppliers.

2. Users: people in the company who have to use the product. They have great influence on the purchase.

3. Technical: people who influence on purchasing decisions for their training.

4. Controllers: they control information and sometimes defend the position of the seller.

5. Commercial: buyers who deal directly with the seller, usually experts in the field.

6. Decisionmakers: often the seller can not access them, are usually senior executives, who authorize purchases and payments.

Once we have distributed customers according to the hierarchical position that they occupy in the chain of purchase, we must consider the styles of purchase of general buyers, there are various classifications, but in this case, we chose the Mc Donald (1994):

1. Value or utility buyers (29.9%) are the largest group. Scores more in the style of making decisions as they are most interested in getting the best combination of price and quality. They are also the least oriented to image segment.

2. Fashion buyers (22.5%) higher scores in the style of making decisions on fashion because their interest are the latest styles and variety. They are also oriented to image, they are emotional and confused, and are less concerned about the quality and value of what they buy.

3. Related to other segments of buyers, loyal or faithful buyers (19%) they score higher in the styles of making decisions because of their interest in repetitive purchase in the same place. Also they scored more than other segments in styles related to quality and image.

4. The segment of several buyers (12.7%) was the most difficult to characterize because they do not have a dominant style. They distinguished only by their low scores on the positive playful style.

5. Hedonistic buyers (11.6%) they value more enjoyment and pleasure of purchase. They are also less focused on the quality and usefulness than other segments.

6. Emotional buyers (4.2%) they score high on the emotional and confusion styles. This group is less systematic and more impulsive in their purchase. However, they are also more confused and bewildered about alternative possible choice and are more oriented towards the image and fashion than other segments.


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