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Marketing - Sales management

13/03/2015 Collaboration

If we talk about a sale we might think of the most basic, exchange of a good or service for a monetary amount to be agreed. But beyond this concept, we must consider the sale involves a process in which the buyer's needs are met. And for this we have a human team sales staff to identify these needs and satisfy.

Optimizing its performance depends on having a good sales management, which has the basic functions of planning, organizing, recruiting, training, motivation, control and monitoring of these people.

But if we focus on sales management, first thing we must ask is their area of activity:

1. Strategic area:

1.1. Strategic activities goal setting and plans to achieve them.

1.2. Strategic activities in client study (need and desire to purchase, access ...)

1.3. Strategic activities of the sales team (customers distribution)

2. Managerial Area:

The sales manager should increase performance sellers that depends on the following four factors:

2.1. Environment: Is everything outside the company, ie, is given by the set of forces and factors beyond the control of the same and can have an impact on it; its importance in recent years is caused by an increase in its rate of change and difficulty to predict. (H. Mintzberg).

Consists of two sub environments called:

- The microenvironment: enterprise, consumer markets, marketing channels used, competitors and public.

- The macro-environment: demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural.

2.2. Marketing mix: strategic analysis of the internal aspects of the company. Groups by Jerome McCarthy:

- Product: Is everything that is offered into a market for consumption. Decisions regarding this point include the formulation and presentation of the product, the specific brand development, and characteristics of packaging, labeling and packaging, among others.

- Price: It is mainly the exchange monetary amount associated with the transaction. We must include the payment methods offered (with early payment discounts, volume) to finally define the price assigned to the market.

- Distribution: where the product / service sell? We must consider the choice of distribution channel, so that the product reaches the place, time and proper conditions.

- Promotion: Action of communicating inform and persuade the customer and other stakeholders about the company, products and offers.

2.3. The commercial management for the overall management receives their plans, policies, objectives, programs and budgets, guidelines to generate sales and support structures. (M Artal Castells).

2.4. Sales Force: A set of (human and material) resources devoted directly to intimately related tasks company.

3. Control Area

- Comparison of forecasts and results,

R - F = D (Result, Forecast, Deviation)

The sales manager must perform control of commercial team, according to the analysis of the following parameters:

- Results

- Behaviour

- Costs

- Profitability

Soon we will analyze more deeply these parameters in the control area.

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