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Importance of latin american market

11/02/2015 Collaboration Central America South America

In the eighties was a period of acute economic crisis for Latin American countries. Mainly by the global recession and armed conflict. The new millennium brought new and better horizons led by business.

The Latin American region despite being a small market compared with the US, China, European Union, in the last decade have been the countries that have more open its doors to trade compared to other countries.

The global economic crisis that affected mainly the United States and the European Union, been allowed to emerging economies achieve shine.

One of the key are called BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) among others have caught the attention of governments, investors, industrialists and politicians.

The Latin American market with its sustained economic growth, political stability, the consumption capacity of its population as well as the strength of its financial system, have done to have a good performance in recent years.

These developing economies, although originally were only attractive for its natural resources as a source of cheap labor and low cost manufacturing, these markets are now seen as promising in its own right. Rapid population growth, sustained economic development and a growing middle class, are leading to many businesses start to see them in a new way.

Estimates suggest that 70% of global growth in the coming years will come from emerging markets, which, China and India account for 40%. Adjusted for changes in the equality of purchasing power, the rise of these markets is even more impressive: the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects its total GDP could exceed that of developed economies, in a period as close as 2015.

Projections suggest that investors continue to bet on emerging markets such as Latin America for a long time.


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