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Food production VS environment

16/05/2016 Collaboration Nutrition Evolution

Food production VS environment

To survive in the Paleolithic a general human feeding diet was based on a wild plants and wild animals, this period determined the development of agriculture. As the human population increases, their nutritional needs also, so crop areas are increased to satisfy a food production and its effect is to generate the environment.

Nowadays the food production is based on the use of land, there is no other system that generates it, and the food has its source which is not possible to obtain from another planet or from outer space. The comfort that we have today as a society is that everything has an origin and that is the land; environmentalists are concerned because the population lives in an friendly environment which is commendable; however, going to extremes has an effect on citizens. The man working on the land to produce the food is one of the noblest existing professions; many people do not know how much it costs to produce a fruit, a vegetable or a piece of meat, consumption is the life of the human being itself, how much are we willing to pay for that effort? Many people says that often these environmental problems are generated by our producers, this aspect I do not share, because all human beings are part of environmental problems and a global warming.

Agricultural producers are the weakest link, in the productive context that who does not have the political strength to defend against large corporations, they have enough political force in the state to win concessions that often have deficiencies in environmental matters and its future effect on the surrounding environment, for example when the small producer is prevented from making crops and others are allowed to make as the case of the sugar does that mean they will not harm the environment? But we pay for sugar to drink a good cup of coffee.

All human beings want to live for what we ask for the environmentalists, eat well, have a good car, travel by plain and provide the best for our children and where does all that come from? This is where we should look rationally to all production systems. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a harmony between them and thus will not harm the environment. But what we do not agree is to demonize the agricultural sector as the great guilty of the year. Much of the damage that farmers produce in croplands is recoverable in time; but many other sectors, such as real estate, minerals, hydrocarbons the damage are irreversible.

Respect among citizens, professions, large, medium and small corporations for environmental responsibility could act against the climate change. Stop considering farmers as environmental terrorists, that all they do is to produce quality food and safety for a population that every day increases their demands.

It is time that farmers receive incentives generated by all actions to preserve, improve the environment as for the encouragement to their efforts to work the land; either retaining basins of water sources, reforestation, reduce use of pesticides or insecticides. But to achieve progress it is necessary to create laws which can be properly audited to not be seen as a form of political populism.

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