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Expansion veto by Russia

08/07/2015 Nutrition Europe

The agricultural sector is suffering an increasingly difficult situation and the authorities don’t do anything to improve their health.

The veto has affected more autonomous communities such as Catalonia, which have a vocation for export. Naturally, more international exposure can affect more such restrictions, and could appear more difficulties if you have relationships with Russia. 

On the other hand such as Andalusia, with much smaller percentage of international exposure with Russia than the Catalan economy has been able to counteract exporting to other countries.

This situation can generate a possible "rebound effect" that could affect agriculture in a roundabout way, because could create a surplus products in other countries where it came from elsewhere.

It’s an important mention the "nefarious" work of European diplomacy, because the agricultural sector is paying the consequences of its foreign policy.

Such situations are detrimental to the agricultural sector, but has stressed that trade continues to progress and even continue to increase exports. These situations weaken the position of our primary sector in the market, which has been joined in recent years the increased cost of inputs in the sector and the energy cost.

The Russian president has taken another bucket of cold water to the Spanish agricultural sector, as reported last June that it has extended for one year the ban on food imports from the West countries.

The Russian president has informed the members of the Russian government in a meeting that has already taken a warrant to continue banned imports. This restriction, which applies to most food imports from the United States, European Union, Australia, Canada and Norway, would be extended for another six months from August, after the European Union decided this week extend sanctions against Russia. The EU sanctions against Russia are motivated by the role played by Russia in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists fighting against government forces in Kiev. Ukrainian officials and NATO have repeatedly accused Russia of sending weapons and troops to fight the separatists, a charge the Kremlin denies.

With all that complicated the panorama in sight, but we must be optimistic that we find a solution soon

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