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Dichotomous key to diagnose disorders of the eggshell

09/05/2016 Egg Poultry

Dichotomous key to diagnose disorders of the eggshell

The clinical alterations in the eggshell mostly caused:

  1. Egg without shell, immature Reproductive system, deficiencies  of vitamin D3 and B12, calcium, phosphorus or magnesium, too much heat

No… pass to 2

  1. Eggs with shell

With partially formed shell, heat and excess of phosphorus. With fully formed shell pass to 3

  1. Complete eggshell

Translucent shell … deficiency of Manganese. Total or partially depigmentation… hepatotoxic coccidiostats (especially Nicarbazin in hot weather)

With transversal circular bands. Liver infection.

No… pass to 4

  1. Complete and wrinkly eggshell

Longitudinally, infectious bronchitis

Transversely, deficiency or poisoning with copper salts

No… pass to 5

  1. Smooth complete eggshell

With cracks… deficiencies of vitamin D3 and calcium, heat or too much sodium in food or drinking water. Poor mechanical management the collection.

Smooth with no cracks pass to 6

No…pass to 7

  1. Smooth stained eggshell

With excrement… enteritis, excess of sodium in food or drinking water... With blood starting of prolapse, cannibalism.

No… pass to 9

  1. Not smooth complete eggshell

Mostly common in birds of 60 weeks or with salpingitis.

No ..... pass to 8

  1. Smooth skin with deformations

Smooth asymmetric eggs ... traumatic alterations during calcification due to lack of living space

Eggs with scars ... traumatic alterations during calcification

No ... pass to 9

  1.  Symmetrical and smooth eggshell, color other than white or brown

Bluish or greenish color ... genetics of race or ancestry

Pink color… Excess of calcium

  1. NOTE: In all cases should be found two lesions or accompanying symptoms for the triad diagnoses.





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