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Chicken consumption per capita in Central America

02/10/2015 Central America Poultry Research

After analyzing the consumptions of all the year 2014, we concluded that Panama has the largest market with the double of levels of chicken consumption per capita than the average of the other Central American countries, with a consumptions around 37 kilograms. Quite far is followed in second place by Costa Rica, with 25 kg and the third is Honduras, where on average 22 kilograms of chicken per person is consumed.

In low positions we can find for example El Salvador with 19 kilograms and Guatemala with 14 kilograms per person.

In terms of sales, Guatemala ranks first in the Central American market with numbers exceeding 700 million dollars. Honduras, meanwhile, with $ 505 million in sales, ranked second in the market for chicken meat. Completing the podium finally found, Costa Rica, the third country market value, with sales of $ 445 million.

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