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Alquernat Magacal quality improver of the eggshell

20/09/2016 Research Layers Poultry pronutrients Egg Promoters of mineral absorption

Alquernat Magacal quality improver of the eggshell

The high cost of supplementing rations of chickens with a suitable source of phosphorus to meet their needs in this nutrient, delicate balancing act especially after the ban on the use of meal of animal origin in rations, has led to the introduction of phytase to improve phosphorus better use of plant products. This has been an exciting field of study in recent years, which have turned many companies now offering the fruits of their research in the market.

Biovet Laboratory investigations have gone further and have focused develop and market products that improve the quality of the eggshell by increasing calcium absorption from the diet. This technology based Pronutrientres has proved effective as a substitute for phytase.

Alquernat Magacal is administered mixed with feed to 0.5 to 1 kg / t. Given that the dose depends on the amount of phosphorus feed and bioavailability (to menordisponibilidad provided minerals as inorganic phosphorus, higher dose).

Other recommendations if you want to improve shell quality is essential to the proper implementation of vaccination programs to prevent diseases that affect it such as infectious bronchitis syndrome drop posture and Newcastle disease. Nor should increase the density of birds or decrease the frequency of collection of eggs; or subjecting birds to sudden changes in lighting and stress. Cages should be designed appropriately, without sharp parts, like transport equipment and sorting eggs.

It is also important that your diet contains adequate levels of zinc, manganese and copper; they participate in the formation of membranes or cuticles and egg shell organic matrix. Zinc helps in the availability of carbonate to calcium carbonate. The addition of these minerals through a good organic source has proved more beneficial.

It is important to consider the quality of egg when production is planned, it allows us to generate increased consumption of eggs in the population and more favorable financial returns for the producer.

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