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Alquernat Livol check yourself the hepatic regeneration

06/09/2016 South America mycotoxin binder pronutrients

Alquernat Livol check yourself the hepatic regeneration

For the presence of high contamination of Aflatoxin included in cereal should put us on alert especially for consumers of cereal of Argentine origin.

Source: FAO

As we know most cereals contain more than one type of mycotoxin, we should be concerned especially for these crops so moist in 2016 due to heavy rains in South America.

For example rainfall in the Pampa in Argentina earlier in 2016 has made soybean ripens earlier, which surely will produce large losses. Furthermore, an increase in fungal contamination of the crop is predicted, since the rains before June favor the growth of fungi and, consequently, the occurrence of mycotoxins.

One of mycotoxins being reported with more intensity are aflatoxins. The presence of Aflatoxins in feed causes liver damage in birds, which can affect performance and injuries, also, serious economic consequences. These lesions can be detected from the determination of the levels of some biochemical blood parameters. These parameters include enzymes alkaline phosphatase (SALP) and glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase (SGPT) and total protein levels and hemoglobin.

Almost two weeks ago we visited Colombia, where there is a concern about the increase of liver condemnation of birds in recent months. The large increase in food waste is putting them on alert because of the great economic losses without knowing a real origin of the problem.

Besides having a good management control of mycotoxins we want to focus on the regenerating the liver lesions caused by aflatoxin supplemented with Biovet Labarotorios, called Alquernat Livol acting as hepatic regenerator. From many tests conducted by manufacturer Laboratory of the product we are going to orient in a very simple in blood.

To test the effectiveness of the product we present a small test with 3 lots:

1) No contamination

2) Aflatoxin (liver damage)

3) Aflatoxin (liver damage)

Where in the third batch is added Alquernat Livol we must eliminate contamination of feed in 3 batches to avoid diverted results, in the case of developing we would see that in the control plot would have a reduction in blood injury. It is recommended as an indicator of lesions to analyze in the blood the amount of glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase. This enzyme is a transaminase that is present in several tissues of the body, and is found in high quantities in serum in acute liver disease and in any disease or disorder in which result seriously damaged liver cells.

If the control lot has reduced SGPT, incorporating the product Alquernat Livol will have a much greater reduction, demonstrating that there is a very important hepatic generator effect of liver cells against the effects of aflatoxins.

Finally I encourage you to try the product, check its benefits and with a simple assay as I have directed you can start to use it.

Should you require more information please contact me.

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