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A new approach against swine coccidiosis

04/08/2016 Biovet Intestine Swine

There are different species of coccidia capable of affecting pigs belonging genera Eimeria and Isospora. These parasites most severely affect piglets in early ages, but can also infest animals of other ages.

To mitigate the effects of this parasitosis, there is the option to act on the local immunity of the intestine, so it is the animal itself that defends the pathogen and reduces the administration of drug products that promote the resistance.

The intestinal immune system in newborn piglets is underdeveloped and quickly begins a period of specialization. This process includes the diversification of antibodies present in the mucosa, which can be influenced mainly by two factors: the colonization of the gut microbiota and by food. Therefore, if a stimulus that promotes activation of the immune system, especially during the start of food intake is given, you can get the sucker able to defend itself pathogens earlier.

The existence of molecules of plant origin capable of stimulating the immune system is well known. These active ingredients, called pronutrients are found in nature and, when ingested by animals, are able to regulate their genetic code to improve the functioning of target organs. Some pronutrients are able to specifically stimulate local immunity of the digestive system, increasing cell expression mucosal defense and therefore the exclusion of intestinal pathogens.

Figure 1.  Schematic description of intestinal immune system (adaptation of P. Brandtzaeg 2009). 

Pronutrients therefore are able to increase the secreted immunoglobulins in the intestinal mucosa (image 1 side), leading to greater control of pathogenic microorganisms present in the digestive system and therefore improved intestinal and productive and economic parameters of health farms.


The ponutrientes with immune stimulating activity of intestinal immune system are available in the product Alquernat Zycox of S.A. Biovet

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