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Poultry Farming
Conference about Pronutrients in the XXVIII National Poultry Congress of ANAVIP

Conference about Pronutrients in the XXVIII National Poultry Congress of ANAVIP

Biovet S.A. Laboratorios will be in the XXVIII National Poultry Congress in Panama ANAVIP 2017 that will be held on November 16th ... Read more

Poultry Farming News Pronutrients

II International Poultry Workshop in Lima

The Scientific University of the South (UCSUR) and Biovet SA, with the collaboration of the Peruvian Association of Poultry, Veter... Read more

Biovet Collaboration poultry

Conference about Alquermold Natural in the annual meeting of the Poultry Science Association

Biovet S.A. will present the conference “Alquermold Natural reduces the ability of Salmonella to invade intestinal epithelial cell... Read more

Salmonella poultry Alquermold Natural
Evaluation of a pronutrient feed additive (Alquernat Nebsui) as a replacement for BMD when fed in conjunction with Salinomycin in Broiler diets

Evaluation of a pronutrient feed additive (Alquernat Nebsui) as a replacement for BMD when fed in conjunction with Salinomycin in Broiler diets

The conference on evaluation of an additive based on pronutrients Alquernat Nebsui at Symposium of Biovet in Atlanta presented by... Read more

Articles Additives AGP growth promoters Pronutrients

Use of additives in the poultry industry in Argentina

At the scientific and technological fairs and congresses held during the year 2016 the clear trend towards the use of these techno... Read more

poultry Birds Minervet Aвditives

Actual additives and premixes

The legislation on additives and premixes, in most countries, defines them as substances that are added to the food of healthy a... Read more

Swine Layers Ruminants poultry Aвditives

Liver: The main organ

Pig’s liver is composed of a total of four lobes: two lateral and two central lobes. It has a great amount of interlobular tissue,... Read more

Swine pronutrients
Differential diagnosis in oral plaque

Differential diagnosis in oral plaque

Although the presence of oral plaques in the tongue or in the palate of birds has traditionally been attributed to the presence of... Read more

Mycotoxins Pathology

The chicken from fast food brands

The fast food restaurant chains became very popular for the last decades, 80 years ago we did not know about hamburgers existence,... Read more

Birds poultry pronutrients Nutrition Feeding

Toxic liver by furans

The liver of birds is very sensitive to the presence of toxic substances in food. Furans are heterocyclic aromatic organic molecul... Read more

Feeding Avian fatty liver Toxins

Injuries Trichoderma in crop

Trichoderma sp. It’s a queratolitic fungus, from the food, which can infect the digestive mucosa especially in situations of conti... Read more

poultry Feeding

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Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls
Editorial Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls

The blog aims to express the main ideas of VD, to actively participate in the veterinary sector. It is about social habits and disaggregations; Necessary reforms, situation in agriculture, importance...

Technonews VD
Technonews Technonews VD

In this section we provide the reader with technical news regarding recent research and developments related to animal nutrition of Biovet. Here you can expand your knowledge on the operation and mech...

Natia Cheminava
Blog de opinión Natia Cheminava

We provide the reader with the opinion of developing situation in the world. Livestock, genetics, important issues happening in the world, food company strategies and use of natural methods of taking...

Divulgación cientifica VD

In this blog we inform our readers about the origin of life, how plants and animals developed and obtained the current appearance.

Transparencia Blog Tucidides

The blog aims to provide public transparency with the intention of talking about politics and administration in the agricultural world of different states. The symbolic author named Thucydides, an Ath...


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Biovet’s International Symposium in Cordoba

From 27/10/2017 to 31/10/2017
Place: Múdejar (Rectorado de la UCO), Cordoba

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II International Poultry Workshop in Lima

From 25/11/2017 to 26/11/2017
Place: Lima (Perú)

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25th Latin American Poultry Congress, 2017

From 26/09/2017 to 29/09/2017 Organize: Guadalajara, Mexico

From 26 to 29 September will be held 25th Latin American Poultry Congress, 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico

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