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Porcine necrotic enteritis

Porcine necrotic enteritis

Necrotic enteritis or clostridiosis is caused by the growth of Clostridium perfringens in the intestine. This microorganism has a... Read more

Bacteria Intestine Clostridium Swine

Avian clostridiosis

The transit area between the glandular stomach and the gizzard tends to form accumulations of matted feed that create an anaerobic... Read more

Poultry Farming Pathology

Porcine clostridiosis in the liver

The dissemination of Clostridium affects the liver as well, causing the appearance of necrotic round areas on its surface and pare... Read more


Avian necrotic enteritis

Clostridium is a telluric organism, resistant to high temperatures, that is introduces to the food chain and colonizes the birds´... Read more

Birds Clostridium
The importance of the immune status of the calves whole entering to the feedlot

The importance of the immune status of the calves whole entering to the feedlot

The entrance of the calves to the feedlot is a very important stage in the bait process, which will influence the final results.... Read more

Immunoboosters Ruminants

Control of Coccidiosis through a good management

The indiscriminate use of chemical compounds for the control of coccidiosis has developed resistance to certain drugs e.g. Eimeria... Read more

Digestives Pronutrients Immunostimulants Pharmacology

Use of immunostimulants in ruminants

Immunostimulants are substances capable of stimulating the immune system, increasing antibody production or increasing the activit... Read more

Ruminants Immunoboosters
North America
Biovet S.A. will participate in the 2nd International Conference on Necrotic Enteritis to be held in Denver, USA

Biovet S.A. will participate in the 2nd International Conference on Necrotic Enteritis to be held in Denver, USA

Biovet S.A. will participate in the 2nd International Conference on Necrotic Enteritis, organized by the American Association of A... Read more

Poultry necrotic enteritis Conferences Preservatives North America

The digital magazine Veterinaria Digital will attend the Expo IPPE at Atlanta (USA)

Veterinaria digital, -the online magazine focused on veterinary pathology, poultry, pigs, aquaculture, agriculture and medicine fo... Read more

Poultry Farming Swine

Conference about Alquermold Natural at the Gut Health Symposium

A  technical and commercial team of Biovet S.A participated in the Gut Health Symposium held in Sant Louis (Missouri) on November... Read more

Preservatives Events


In February Atlanta hosted a new edition of the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) that took place from January 31... Read more

Biovet Poultry North America
Efficacy of Alquernat Zycox against chemical Coccidiostat in commercial broiler chickens

Efficacy of Alquernat Zycox against chemical Coccidiostat in commercial broiler chickens

This essay about coccidiosis was presented by Dr. Taohidul Islam, professor at the Bangladesh Agriculture Univeristy, at the XXX I... Read more

Birds Broilers Conferences Symposia pronutrients Coccidia Biovet Symposia Intestinal mucosa optimizers

Findings in broiler slaughter plants

During the process of broiler slaughter, the registration veterinarian has the possibility to visualize several injuries during th... Read more

Pathology Poultry Farming

Mycotoxicosis and mycotoxin binders in broilers

One of the major problems in farms around the world are mycotoxicoses; diseases caused by mycotoxins (toxic substances produced by... Read more

Poultry Farming Mycotoxins

Polyphenols hepatoprotector efficiency

Acetaminophen is a molecule used to study experimental hepatic damage. This molecule is conjugated with glucuronic acid, sulphuric... Read more

Broilers Bacteria Poultry pronutrients Liver Digestive System Research

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Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls
Editorial Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls

The blog aims to express the main ideas of VD, to actively participate in the veterinary sector. It is about social habits and disaggregations; Necessary reforms, situation in agriculture, importance...

Technonews VD
Technonews Technonews VD

In this section we provide the reader with technical news regarding recent research and developments related to animal nutrition of Biovet. Here you can expand your knowledge on the operation and mech...

Divulgación científica VD

In this blog we inform our readers about the origin of life, how plants and animals developed and obtained the current appearance.

Veterinaria Digital
Atlas de patología Veterinaria Digital

The blog describes the pathologies that can be found in birds and swine all over the world. This section provides an information about the causes and effects of the main diseases that affect these sec...

Transparencia Blog Tucídides

The blog aims to provide public transparency with the intention of talking about politics and administration in the agricultural world of different states. The symbolic author named Thucydides, an Ath...

Maria Sabaté

Interviews with the specialists of the sector, who share with us their own experience and knowledge. In return we share with the readers this information to contribute from their point of view.


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2nd International Conference on Necrotic Enteritis

From 11/07/2018 to 12/07/2018
Place: Denver, Colorado, EE. UU.

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From 20/07/2018 to 22/07/2018
Place: Karachi- Pakistan

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VIV Europe 2018

From 20/06/2018 to 22/06/2018 Organize: VNU Exhibitions Europe

VIV Europe launches a strong and engaging Central theme for its 2018 edition “Sharing Data = Better Poultry”: how to achieve a new level of poultry production to be proud of. A special section will be onsite regarding the data-driven poultry production that will show the most interesting innovations in this field.

More information

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