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Welcome to Veterinaria Digital magazine! Here you will find all the information and news related to veterinary medicine and pathology suffered by animals, in poultry farms, pig farms, and any type of pathologies related to the veterinary sector and agriculture.

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Somatic embryogenesis in seeds

Somatic embryogenesis in seeds

The plant and animal embryogenesis consists of the development of embryos from cells formed by the union of two gametes (one male... Read more


Somatic embryogenesis or adventitious regeneration 107

The process of forming an embryo and the subsequent development of a complete plant from a somatic cell of a leaf is called somati... Read more

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New animal senses 104

As for today it has been considered that there were only five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch) that inform their po... Read more

Evaluation of a pronutrient feed additive (Alquernat Nebsui) as a replacement for BMD when fed in conjunction with Salinomycin in Broiler diets

Evaluation of a pronutrient feed additive (Alquernat Nebsui) as a replacement for BMD when fed in conjunction with Salinomycin in Broiler diets

The conference on evaluation of an additive based on pronutrients Alquernat Nebsui at Symposium of Biovet in Atlanta presented by... Read more

Articles Additives AGP growth promoters Pronutrients

Use of additives in the poultry industry in Argentina

At the scientific and technological fairs and congresses held during the year 2016 the clear trend towards the use of these techno... Read more

Poultry Farming Articles Additives

Actual additives and premixes

The legislation on additives and premixes, in most countries, defines them as substances that are added to the food of healthy a... Read more

Swine Layers Ruminants poultry Aвditives

Liver: The main organ

Pig’s liver is composed of a total of four lobes: two lateral and two central lobes. It has a great amount of interlobular tissue,... Read more

Swine pronutrients
Effect of Alquermold Natural in broilers challenged with Clostridium perfringens

Effect of Alquermold Natural in broilers challenged with Clostridium perfringens

ALQUERMOLD NATURAL is a natural product designed by BIOVET S.A Laboratories based on cimenol ring and citric acid. It controls the... Read more


Efficacy of Alquernat Zycox against chemical Coccidiostat in commercial broiler chickens

This essay about coccidiosis was presented by Dr. Taohidul Islam, professor at the Bangladesh Agriculture Univeristy, at the XXX I... Read more

Poultry Farming Biovet Simposium

Productive Parameters and Intestinal Morphometry Using Pronutrients Intestinal Conditioners

During the XXX Biovet International Symposium, Dr. Rosemberg, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the Universidad Cientí... Read more

Biovet Conference

Pronutrients: Mechanism of action

This conference was exposed by Drs. Anna Tesouro and Cristina Latasa at the Biovet International Symposium, held from October 27 t... Read more


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Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls
Editorial Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls

The blog aims to express the main ideas of VD, to actively participate in the veterinary sector. It is about social habits and disaggregations; Necessary reforms, situation in agriculture, importance...

Technonews VD
Technonews Technonews VD

In this section we provide the reader with technical news regarding recent research and developments related to animal nutrition of Biovet. Here you can expand your knowledge on the operation and mech...

Veterinaria Digital
Atlas de patología Veterinaria Digital

The blog describes the pathologies that can be found in birds and swine all over the world. This section provides an information about the causes and effects of the main diseases that affect these sec...

In memoriam Blog Redactor

The blog is dedicated to the memory of people who did a lot in the veterinary sector and who have created a history for their work and contribution in the Agriculture.

Divulgación cientifica VD

In this blog we inform our readers about the origin of life, how plants and animals developed and obtained the current appearance.


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