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Petechiae in avian septicaemia

Petechiae in avian septicaemia

Petechiae in avian septicaemia. This is a specific lesion that should be clinically distinguished from haemorrhages in the muscula... Read more

Mycotoxins Petechiae Septicemia Poultry

Avian speticaemia

The lack of regional lymph nodes, similar to those of the mammals, leads to the development of septicaemia in birds. In addition t... Read more

Pathology Poultry Farming

Petechiae due to septicemia

Although, clinically it is labeled as coli bacillary septicemia lesions, petechiae in the thigh fat of birds, corresponds only to... Read more

Poultry Farming Pathology

Avian septicemia

The petechiae thigh fat in birds, even it can be confused with aflatoxicosis is a defining injury of septicemia entire bacteria, m... Read more

Escherichia coli Poultry Thigh fat Petechiae Septicemia
Natural antioxidants: Artichoke leaf extract

Natural antioxidants: Artichoke leaf extract

The antioxidant compounds are widely known in human medicine due to their proven beneficial effects on various types of cardiovasc... Read more

Vegetables Poultry Nutrition Swine

Use of natural additive intestinal regenerator VS Use of antibiotic growth promoter in broilers

The gastrointestinal tract of a bird is a specialized tube that begins at the peak and ends in the sewer. Its primary function is... Read more

Poultry Farming Feeding Antibiotics Antioxidants

Antioxidants and productive competitiveness.

What makes them is an uncontrolled increase pathogenic, ie an internal organic loss of balance or homeostasis. One system is faste... Read more

Nutrition Vegetables
Technical visit in pig farms in China

Technical visit in pig farms in China

A technical team of Biovet S.A. travelled during the month of January to the southwest of China, where conducted several technical... Read more

Salmonella Clostridium Immunoboosters Asia Mycotoxin binder pronutrients Preservatives AGP Antibiotic Growth Promoters Intestinal mucosa conditioners Escherichia coli

The sales team from the Guangxi and Fujian regions (China) of pig farming receive training from a Biovet technical team

The technical team of Biovet has visited the region of Guangxi and of Fujian (China), to conduct training for sales team of pig fa... Read more

Pronutrients Swine

Conference about Alquermold Natural at the Gut Health Symposium

A  technical and commercial team of Biovet S.A participated in the Gut Health Symposium held in Sant Louis (Missouri) on November... Read more

Preservatives Events

Cervalle-Biovet’s training day in Cauca

In June, a technical training day about Biovet’s products and updates was carried out by a commercial and technical team of Biovet... Read more

Salmonella Collaboration Clostridium Layers Poultry
Biotechnology: Protects animal health

Biotechnology: Protects animal health

To use a biotechnology means: used other living beings for the benefit of the human being. It has always been part of our evolutio... Read more

Veterinary Vaccinations Research

Ability of Alquernat Immuplus to induce RNA-protein translation in alveolar macrophages

The trial is about the ability of Alquernat Immuplus to induce RNA-protein translation in alveolar macrophages presented by Dra. C... Read more

Events Pronutrients

Biotechnology in Panama

Biotechnology is based on the use of technology for the utilization of the mechanisms and biological interactions of living organi... Read more


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Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls
Editorial Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls

The blog aims to express the main ideas of VD, to actively participate in the veterinary sector. It is about social habits and disaggregations; Necessary reforms, situation in agriculture, importance...

Technonews VD
Technonews Technonews VD

In this section we provide the reader with technical news regarding recent research and developments related to animal nutrition of Biovet. Here you can expand your knowledge on the operation and mech...

Veterinaria Digital
Atlas de patología Veterinaria Digital

The blog describes the pathologies that can be found in birds and swine all over the world. This section provides an information about the causes and effects of the main diseases that affect these sec...

Divulgación científica VD

In this blog we inform our readers about the origin of life, how plants and animals developed and obtained the current appearance.

Transparencia Blog Tucídides

The blog aims to provide public transparency with the intention of talking about politics and administration in the agricultural world of different states. The symbolic author named Thucydides, an Ath...

Lda. Maria Sabaté
INTER-VIDERE Lda. Maria Sabaté

Interviews with the specialists of the sector, who share with us their own experience and knowledge. In return we share with the readers this information to contribute from their point of view.


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Lecture: “Impact of the use of organoids in the study of tumor stem cells”

From 29/10/2018 to 29/10/2018
Place: Maestro Ripoll, 8, Madrid (Spain)

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From 06/11/2018 to 09/11/2018
Place: Palais Rouge -Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals

From 05/11/2018 to 07/11/2018 Organize: Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals

A three-day symposium titled Gut Health in Production of Food Animals will be held November 5-7, 2018, in St. Louis, Missouri. The aim of this meeting is to discuss the role of good health in animal production and the dynamic and essential role the gut plays in it. The symposium will include all species in animal agriculture and cover different aspects of the gut and important factors in gut health maintenance and disease.

More information

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