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Study of the efficacy of intestinal optimizer pronutrients to prevent coccidiosis without replacing chemical coccidiostats

Study of the efficacy of intestinal optimizer pronutrients to prevent coccidiosis without replacing chemical coccidiostats

In a trial carried out in Cartagena, in the Atlantic coast of Colombia, the efficacy of intestinal optimizer pronutrients to preve... Read more

Poultry Broilers Birds Research pronutrients

Biomimicry. Disclosure 111

Janine Benyus (New Jersey 1958) presented in 1997 her book "Biomimicry: innovation inspired by Nature" where she defended the idea... Read more

Dissemination Pronutrients

Study of the use of cimenol ring and intestinal conditioner pronutrients to improve the productive parameters in pigs

In an in vivo trial carried out in Hunan province (China) in 2016, the effect of the use of cimenol ring and intestinal conditione... Read more

pronutrients Research Swine Preservatives Cimenol Ring

Study of the efficacy of intestinal optimizer pronutrients to control the presentation of coccidiosis in hens at week 21 of life

A trial was conducted in Colombia to evaluate the capacity of intestinal optimizer pronutrients to control the presentation of coc... Read more

Parasites Poultry pronutrients Coccidia Layers Research
A natural proposal aimed for using feed preservatives: ‘Thymus vulgaris’

A natural proposal aimed for using feed preservatives: ‘Thymus vulgaris’

The use of feed preservatives that are based on thyme ‘Thymus vulgaris’ vegetal extract has many economic and productive benefits.... Read more

Vegetables Preservatives Poultry Swine

In vitro assay of Alquermold Natural to inactivate Salmonella dublin and Clostridium perfingens

The assay presented by Sagar M. Goyal at Biovet’s International Symposium, Bangkok 2017 explains in the tials the capacity of Alqu... Read more

Preservatives Events

In vitro trial of Alquermold Natural (Salmonella), use of preservatives against Salmonella

The trial is about the use one of the preservatives of Biovet Alquermold Natural against Salmonella. Read more

Preservatives Salmonella Clostridium Symposia

Alquermold Natural in vitro trial of natural preservative and its active principle with a natural origin

in vitro trials about Alquermold Natural presented by Dra. Anna Tesouro at Simposium Biovet for Atlanta, February, 2017 Read more

Collaboration Preservatives
AGP Antibiotic Growth Promoters
Resistance to antibiotics

Resistance to antibiotics

The use of plant extracts for the treatment of infectious diseases has been practiced since ancient times; however, the history of... Read more

Bacteria AGP Antibiotic Growth Promoters

Antibiotics in animal production, future perspectives and alternatives

The use of antibiotics in animal production is a controversial topic of discussion for a long time. Many discussions have been gen... Read more

Swine Dissemination Ruminants Antibiotics Poultry Farming

Ability of Alquernat Nebsui to  induce protein synthesis

The presentation was exposed by Dra. Latasa at Symposium Biovet for Atlanta in February, 2017. The trial shows the in vitro effect... Read more

pronutrients AGP Antibiotic Growth Promoters Conferences Symposia

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Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls
Editorial Dr. Jaime Borrell Valls

The blog aims to express the main ideas of VD, to actively participate in the veterinary sector. It is about social habits and disaggregations; Necessary reforms, situation in agriculture, importance...

Technonews VD
Technonews Technonews VD

In this section we provide the reader with technical news regarding recent research and developments related to animal nutrition of Biovet. Here you can expand your knowledge on the operation and mech...

Divulgación científica VD

In this blog we inform our readers about the origin of life, how plants and animals developed and obtained the current appearance.

Maria Sabaté

Interviews with the specialists of the sector, who share with us their own experience and knowledge. In return we share with the readers this information to contribute from their point of view.

In memoriam Blog Redactor

The blog is dedicated to the memory of people who did a lot in the veterinary sector and who have created a history for their work and contribution in the Agriculture.

Transparencia Blog Tucídides

The blog aims to provide public transparency with the intention of talking about politics and administration in the agricultural world of different states. The symbolic author named Thucydides, an Ath...


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VIV Europe 2018

From 20/06/2018 to 22/06/2018
Place: Jaarbeurs Exhibition Centre, The Netherlands

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2nd International Conference on Necrotic Enteritis

From 11/07/2018 to 12/07/2018
Place: Denver, Colorado, EE. UU.

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XXXI Biovet International Symposium

From 26/05/2018 to 29/05/2018 Organize: Biovet S.A.

Tarragona will host the event that will deal about the most common pathologies in farms around the world

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