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At Veterinaria Digital we are committed to companies and organizations specialized in the veterinary sector. For this reason, many of the companies or organizations dedicated to veterinary medicine are already part of our digital magazine specialized in veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. As much manufacturers of additives for animal nutrition as laboratories of medicines, vaccines or of diagnosis of pathologies. If you would like to join our professional community related to breeding farm animals and get in touch with industry experts, do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you about the different ways of collaborating with us.




A team of pathologists, microbiologists and immunologists for vaccines

Calle, 50, Edificio Plaza, Piso 19, (Panamá)

Biovet S.A.

Additives for Animal Nutrition

Calle Luxemburg 25, 43120 (Constantí (Tarragona))

Alquermes de México S.A.

Pharmacology and Vaccines, Swine Specialists

Calle Doctor Norman E. Borlaug km 9, 85000 (Ciudad Obregón)

Minervet S.A.

Minerals and mineral additives for Animal Nutrition

C/ San Martin, 924, - 5500 , (Mendoza)

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