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Dr. Alfredo Palomino - 12/07/2019

Digestive enzymes in fish

With the title, "Digestive enzymes in fishes" the lecture explored the different types of digestions presented by fishes (depending on their species) and the participation of enzymes in digestion.


Dra. Maria Soriano - 13/02/2019

Enhanced performance in tilapia production by the inclusion of intestinal conditioner pronutrients in the diet

Tilapia is the name of a group of fishes belonging to the genera Oreochromis. Tilapia is, together with carp and salmon, one of the most important fish in aquaculture. Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis...


Dra. Sara Borrell - 3/10/2018

Protease enzymes

In every chemical reaction there are different reactants (A + BC) transformed later into different products (AB + C) that have an intermediate step called transition state (A-B-C), in which the reactant bonds are weakened so they can be modified....


MV. Júlia Pié Orpí - 12/09/2018

Mycotoxicosis in aquaculture and other digestive problems

This article includes the lecture given by Dr. Julia Pié, head of the technical team of Biovet SA, at the XXXI International Symposium of Biovet in Tarragona, 2018, during the first session devoted to aquaculture, which took place on May 28th....


Dra. Mª de Àngels Calvo Torras - 21/08/2018

Production of protein intended for animal feed from microorganisms. Part 2.

The treatment of industrial waste poses an important environmental problem due to its volume, and its physical-chemical characteristics. In recent years, a large number of research projects and publications have been carried out, which propose...


Dra. Mª de Àngels Calvo Torras - 24/07/2018

Production of protein intended for animal feed from microorganisms

This article includes the lecture entitled "Production of protein intended for animal feed from microorganisms", given by Professor Dr. Mª de Àngels Calvo Torras, of the Faculty of Veterinary, of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in...


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